Virtual & Hybrid Courtrooms

Virtual & Hybrid Courtrooms

In 2020 Virtual approval were part of the award winning first entirely virtual court case. Since then our technical team have supported over 40 Virtual & Hybrid courtrooms and legal proceedings.

There are several important factors that need to be considered to ensure that the proceedings run smoothly and effectively.

First and foremost, reliable and secure technology must be in place to facilitate virtual hearings. Video conferencing software, reliable internet connectivity, and adequate hardware such as computers or tablets. Virtual Approval can support you in recommending or sourcing all technical aspects so you can focus on the important things.

Additionally, participants must be familiar with the technology and comfortable using it. Our technicians will walk you through the best tips when it comes presenting yourself or your client via webcam.

Finally we are also fully equipped in supplying accessibility measures to ensure any language barriers, access needs and usability needs are met.

We support both organisations and individuals when it comes to Virtual & Hybrid Courtrooms and will tailor our package to best suit your needs.

With technical and logistical support and advice for all of your virtual & Hybrid needs get in contact for a free consultation.

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