How to make a social media profile that stands out.

How to make a social media profile that stands out.

How to make a social media profile that stands out.

As a happily married thirty something I’ve never really needed to hone my craft when it comes to dating app profiles, but back in December a friend of mine asked if I had any tips on improving his chances of finding love on Tinder, so I did a little bit of research… 
What I found was surprisingly familiar to what we look at for social media profile. Here’s a wonderful blog by Perri O. Blumberg at Women’s health:

She opens with:

“You know that feeling when you’re doom-swiping on Tinder? Rolling your eyes at Tinder profile after Tinder profile? Mmhmm.

Yeah, no one wants to be on the receiving end of those eye-rolls,”

The same can be said for your company’s social media.

In 2022 an article from Hubspot claimed that a company’s social media was one of the top 3 reasons a buyer would or wouldn’t go with that supplier. So it’s essential that we avoid those potential eye rolls with the perfect Tinder, sorry Social Media profile! 

1 – A simple and effective look

In Perri’s article she talks about getting rid of the group photos because it shows you don’t have the confidence to show yourself off. She’s completely right. Social media success is often about confidence, it’s about boldness, there’s no need for fluff! 

There’s three reasons you should be using your social media, one is to find prospective clients. The second is to remind those you already have, what you do, so you are always in the front of their mind. Then finally it’s to win them over, by using your social media as an additional portfolio tool.

 Keeping the messaging positive and clear and the images high quality and simple allows you to remove any misunderstanding. We do that by keeping to a clear and effective brand guideline.  

2 – Cut down on all the fluff!

You always have to ask yourself the questions “would I read all of this?”, “Is this important?”. Social media isn’t about sharing your full autobiography. It’s about flavour. 

“People like it when a message makes it’s point quickly and concisely. It’s satisfying.” – Hootsuite 

In a generation of scrollers and low attention levels, the aim is to grab the audience’s attention for a second, 30 seconds at most. Then pushing them to a call to action like “get in touch with us here” “Follow us for more” – the follow up is where you really win your work.

Use short quick hooks to give the reader a slice of the pie, then link them to the detailed content on your website or in a longer form video or brochure.

3 – Have Purpose & Intention

The general purpose of any dating app is to meet someone, but it’s important to define that in a more granular way, Perri reference’s Michelle Gallant, relationship and dating coach who said :

“When creating a profile on Tinder, it’s really important to get clear on why you are there in the first place”

On Tinder it’s often a mixture of a hook up, friendship or a romantic relationship.  Your company’s social media should be no different, sans the sex  … at the start of each post conception we need to define clear intention; Is the post for growing an audience? Promoting services? Celebrating wins? Etc etc. 

This helps compose the post copy and select the most appropriate image/video. It also helps you track the success of the post to ensure you are effectively using your social media.

4. Consistency is key

We are going to swerve away from dating apps for a moment as constantly bombarding your prospective crushes with content may lead to the label of “they’re a bit too keen” . Yes there is a thin line in social media when it comes to over-posting, but ensuring you are regularly posting content allows you to stay higher in the news feeds of followers. 

Most social media platforms work on an algorithm that decides how important your content is and therefore how frequently it is seen. 

Regular posting (e.g 1-2 times a week) is weighted higher than infrequent posting (once a month) so there’s a higher chance of being seen. 

The same can be said for the type of content; videos weigh more than pictures and pictures more than just text. 

So in order to get seen, the best approach you’d assume would be 2x videos a week on each platform. I wish it was that easy. You also need to consider variety and the different use cases for each different platform. Once you understand that regular and consistent posting will reward you with clicks, interactions and more business! 

5. Ask the experts

Getting an outside perspective is essential, after all, you’re looking to attract from outside not in.  One of mottos at Virtual Approval is “we do the work so you can concentrate on what you are good at”.  

Getting your social media profile right can be difficult and often when you are busy, taking that photo or shouting about your most recent success can sometimes be forgotten. Bringing an external team to help you remember the importance of social media is a great way of staying on top. 

We can help you share those memorable moments in the most effective way to help drive engagement that can lead to quality leads in the future.

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