Are your Virtual Events good enough to hang on your wall?

Are your Virtual Events good enough to hang on your wall?

Are your Virtual Events good enough to hang on your wall?

Before I start, anyone who is mad enough to be hanging pictures of their virtual events on their walls needs the serious intervention of an interior designer! I am not suggesting, as the title states, that you should be swapping the Pinterest office design with hanging snaps of your recent company Zoom call!

However, just because it’s virtual, it doesn’t mean you have to forget about how it looks and how it feels! Having spent the majority of my twenties in Exhibition & Conference venues with awe-inspiring sets, magical lighting, Seamless Projection, and stylish graphics, I know the importance of the look and the feel.

All of the ingredients of live events help to better communicate a message and create long-lasting experiences for your attendees. Those things don’t need to stop. Virtual events may have their limitations, but not so much so that you can’t create events you can be proud of. With virtual reality conferences and exhibitions, tailored graphics, user interfaces, interactivity platforms, and worldwide reach we can still continue to make events that we can be proud of enough to hang on our wall. Events that are still valuable to the attendees and delegates, we just have to demand more. 

The problem we seem to be having is people are too scared of technology. Event organisers are too scared of asking “what is possible?”. I had the same frustrations with live events, with many of my clients only willing to opt for the same again”.  then those same clients saw attendee numbers going down year on year.   

When you start planning your next event don’t start with “we want to do this” think about the outcome you want to achieve. Approach your chosen event producer, event manager, or production company and ask the question “How do we create a virtual event, within our budget, that our attendees, our delegates, will get most out of – I dare you!  

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