Stay Connected and Current, Enjoy the Virtual Stage

Give your event or workshop a global reach while saving time and money by going virtual. Meet your objectives, deliver your vision and give your brand the platform to shine by leveraging the best tools, software and expertise in the events industry. Increase audience engagement – building strong connections, strengthening relationships and improving communication.


Conferences and Seminars

With a flexible and variable suite of virtual platforms, tools and services, we’ll create exciting and creative virtual events to keep you connected and keep your audience engrossed. With solutions to meet all budgets, our events aren’t just simple Zoom dial-ins – our options include entertainment, interactive games, polls, professional hosting, extended reality experiences and much more. Whatever you need, we’ve got it covered. 

Workshop Technical Producers

If it’s technical support you need to operate a virtual workshop, or global team of Zoom / WebEx / Teams producers are highly trained and personable. We work alongside trainers and facilitators to create the best online learning environments.

Mesmerising Online Experiences

Igniting sparkle in digital spaces, our team will support you from function video call operation and support to full virtual event production with incredible digital technology. By working with Virtual Approval, you’ll open the virtual doors so your experiences can shine online. 

Premium Production

Using GSXR (Green Screen Extended Reality), our premium offering means you can host your event ‘virtually’ anywhere! From a conference hall, night club, theatre or even a distant planet(!), we’re here to make it happen. If you’re looking to replicate the look and feel of your usual in person event (or company head office), we can use photographs and videos of your venue to create the right atmosphere.

Event participants can even go on a journey, with the possibility to make breakout rooms different to the main stage.

We also have a range of templates to follow if you’re not looking for a less complicated design.

Blended Production

Utilising a real-life studio and production software offers the best of both worlds –an authentic personal feel with the benefit of creative visual overlays and backgrounds. Introduce interactivity into your event through live on-screen polls and surveys, and present information in a way that will capture attention and drive engagement throughout.

V-Mix Production

Our V-Mix (vision mixer) Production offering takes standard virtual meetings to the next level by offering striking visuals for extra sparkle and shine. Our designers can create completely customised, on-brand solutions, creating a cohesive feel, whilst interactivity helps all participants feel actively involved.

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