Don't Compromise, Go Hybrid

Elevating Brands & Unifying Audiences with Events that Stand Out from the Crowd

Seamlessly intertwine the immersive experience of a live event with the accessibility, flexibility and convenience of a virtual event. Gain maximum exposure and higher levels of attendance with innovative, creative and exceptional hybrid events from Virtual Approval. 

Live Streaming vs Hybrid Event  

Our team have decades of experience in live streaming from the world of TV and film, so can deliver broadcast quality productions using the best AV equipment, and we’re happy to live stream your event if this is your desired method. Hybrid experiences are the next phase in evolution of live streaming, they open up channels of communication and bring your online audience closer to the action. This is our true passion.  

No more venue capacity limits, include your global audience in your live event

Hybrid events give brands the platform to shine and deliver experiences to remember. You’ll reduce your brand’s carbon footprint, save money and demonstrate the value you place on your attendees, by delivering a truly immersive hybrid event experience that combines everyone without geographical limitations.

Unlock your event's potential, with our help... and a little technology

The term ‘hybrid meeting’ is broad. Your event will be tailored perfectly to meet your desired outcome. The event can range from a simple live stream to a multi-camera, multisensory, fully interactive experience. Whatever you need, we have the technology and expertise to make your brand sparkle across both formats, connecting your live and virtual audiences for a truly integrated event experience.

Hybrid event, endless benefits

Our vision for harnessing the flexibility of hybrid events

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