Technology in Events – Blog Series

Technology in Events – Blog Series

Technology in Events – Blog Series

A collection of blogs centred around The future of technology in Events by our in house Creative and Technical solutions manager Cameron Mckirdy

It’s important to keep looking forward with technology. With an ever changing landscape within the the events industry my aim for this blog is to explore the current and future innovations that you might find in your next event.

Is Every Voice actor going to lose their job?

After text to image, it was only a matter of time before an AI could turn text into audio. Read Cameron’s latest blog about text-to-speech AI!

Are holograms a viable solution for the future of hybrid events - a deep dive into hologram technology

A deep dive into the magic of Holograms. A dark art in the events space. With only a few examples of companies who are really pushing the technology I discuss my thoughts on whether there is really a future there for this Star Trek themed concept.

The Metaverse, Are we looking at it all wrong?

An exploration of the technology that Mark Zuckerberg is throwing everything at. Is the Metaverse something we will expect to see in the future of events? Are we look a looking at all wrong? find out my thoughts in this VR themed blog.

imagine if an AI could do all your design work. -

Are the Robots taking over!? I have fallen fully into an exploration of the new AI designer tools. Asking the question on everyone’s minds: will an AI be able to replace my digital design job?

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