Our Top 5 Tools to Improve your Work (and Life) this Cyber Monday

Our Top 5 Tools to Improve your Work (and Life) this Cyber Monday

Our Top 5 Tools to Improve your Work (and Life) this Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday! Meaning every tech company and their cat has some sort of discount on. This isn’t however a best deals and where to find them post, today we are mapping out our favourite techy solutions of the moment, in case they can help you too in your quest for digital bliss.


Monday.com is a project management system which can also be used as a CRM. It’s the most flexible way we have found to track deadlines for events, automate tasks, and work remotely as a fully virtual team. Its intuitiveness is a life-saver, and its dashboards provide a clear view of our projects at a glance. The automation features within Monday.com reduce manual data entry, ensuring that our workflows are more efficient and less prone to error.

Monday.com screen shot - may have a cheap offer on at Cyber  monday


I will talk a lot about Automations in this post, but it’s only because after AI it’s the biggest game changer at the moment when it comes to business software and solutions.

“If we receive a new registration request, update spreadsheet, then send an email notification to the client once a week with an updated list of registrations”

If Zapier has a cyber Monday sale, get on it immediately. We are using it to automate nearly all of our admin tasks when it comes to planning our virtual workshops and hybrid events. Allowing us to focus on our clients’ needs and improve quality. The beauty of Zapier lies in it’s vast integration capabilities; it forms a bridge between our various software tools, creating a cohesive tech ecosystem.

Example of a zapier workflow - may have a cheap offer on at Cyber  monday


I want to also give an honorable mention to Make.com, another automation tool that has a more user-friendly approach to its automations but also has additional features that allow the user to use basic code to tweak and alter their automations to better suit their needs. This flexibility is key in tailoring processes that align with our unique operational needs.

Make.com example - may have a cheap offer on at Cyber  monday

Chat GPT

You didn’t think I could get this far without talking about AI did you?! Chat GPT Pro version at the time of writing is only $20. After the recent introduction of its image generator, document analysis and photo analysis, it has replaced all my other AI tools. Like the other tools I have mentioned, Chat GPT is a massive time saver. Fir example when converting international virtual event run of show docs into various time zones, recommending ideas for social posts, content writing. Its capabilities in sparking ideas and enhancing initial concept creation or analysing data swiftly have been invaluable.

Example of chatgpt conversation

Adobe Creative Suite

I was so very tempted to write Canva here, as a business we use both. Canva has an easier learning curve and this allows the wider team to create quick and high quality images and videos, but the improvements over the last year to Adobe’s creative applications has been exceptional. From AI added captions in Premiere Pro, maximizing our ability to provide accessible content to all our videos, in less time than ever before. AI fill in photoshop and now AI vector creation in illustrator are revolutionising the way we work, pushing our creative boundaries further.

Example of AI fill in Photoshop


Who would’ve thought a form building website would of got me so excited! Jotform was the best of the crop when we tested a number of form builders earlier this year, with honourable mentions to Typeform and google forms. Jot form allows us to create variable forms (they change and and adapt with responses) that talk to our project management and automation software stack directly and speed up our processes for both our team and our clients. With 100s of plugins and basic features to enhance the usability and look of your form, Jotform is our number 1 pick for software you need to invest in this cyber Monday. The seamless communication between JotForm and our other tools like Monday.com and Zapier has been a game changer in gathering and organising data efficiently.

Example of Jot form

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