Cam’s Event Technology Christmas List 2023!

Cam’s Event Technology Christmas List 2023!

Cam’s Event Technology Christmas List 2023!

Filling your stocking with gadgets and tech has never been easier, with arguably the best ‘Christmas list’ suggestions for the events & workshops industry that you could ever find! 

Right, let’s get to it! 

Lights, Lights, Lights


On the first item on the list Cam said “Let there be lights”. As a former lighting technician, I love a light! And making sure you get the right amount of face light for your virtual meetings is essential. Honestly, most streaming lights will do. But you can’t go wrong with this light from Neewer. . .if you can buy two, amazing. One on either side of your face will cancel out any weird shadows. But if not, the one over your video screen should do the job – click here for the link


Has anyone ever told you that memories are the most important thing?  Well, one of the best ways to store all those memories is with a 2TB solid state external drive. . . honestly, as boring as it sounds, every stocking needs a hard drive. There are plenty out there, but this option from Crucial is a great option – click here for the link


Mice and Keyboards


A mouse, but not the sort with a tail. The Logitech MX Master 3S is hands down the best mouse I’ve ever used! Ergonomic, silent and versatile, this wireless mouse can connect to up to three different devices, has multiple customisable buttons and is super fast! A must buy to contribute to your remote setup – click here to view link

Buttons Buttons Buttons

Loupedeck Live S is a Hotkey/button board/shortcut device. It’s basically a stream deck and does all the same things, but the software experience is so much easier for an entry-level user. It offers an unlimited amount of programmable buttons and two dial knobs to control almost anything you could possibly need on your computer – here’s the link to purchase



Wired Microphone Technology

Rode NT-USB+: The first of two microphones on this list, the Rode NT-USB+ is an absolute powerhouse for a cabled USB microphone. Great value for money and has elevated the quality of my microphone game in virtual meetings. Often prompting the compliment “you sound like you’re a podcast host!”, this high grade microphone is a must purchase – click here for the link

Rode Wireless Pro: People always forget about sound quality, but it’s the first reason anyone tunes out from watching a live event or pre- recorded video. One of my personal favourites – for both ease of use and flexibility – is the Rode Wireless Pro. It allows you to capture two separate speakers with a high quality recording, and send directly to a camera or a phone. It also records directly to device so you get that all-important backup – here’s the link

Wireless Microphone

Video Switching

Video Switcher Technology

ATEM Mini: Definitely for the power users out there, maybe not so much for the casual user, but the ATEM Mini allows for multi-camera and device switching 

Click here for the link

The device allows you to input up to four HDMI inputs and manually switch between them all, outputting to a single output that can be used to record a production or live in a zoom call or other platform. Think multi-camera demonstration and presentation switching all within the push of a button – no need for software switching or same device screen sharing.


Neewer Overhead Camera Mount: This may look like just a bar you fit over your desk, but Neewer’s overhead camera mount allows you to attach all your lights, devices and cameras to your desk easily, enhancing your setup to full studio levels. If you’re a Vlogger or regular Virtual Event presenter, this set-up is an absolute must!

Click here to purchase

Lighting and Camera Stand

Cameras & Autocues

Technology Webcam

Insta360 Link: Move around a lot when you’re speaking? Host workshops where you use a real-life whiteboard? Just like the idea of a 4K PTZ camera that you can fit in your hand? The Insta360 Link is the best in show for new and versatile cameras. Its ability to track where you are in a room allows for far better virtual meeting experiences. . .no more views of just the top of your head!  Click here to purchase

Elgato Teleprompter

Easily the most exciting product on my list this year comes from the creators of the stream deck. Intended for influencers and Twitch streamers, this compact teleprompter looks like it’s going to be an absolute must for those ‘eye contact’ moments with clients and audiences.

For £265 (not including a webcam), Elgato offers the opportunity to banish the looking at my screen eyes on every video call for the rest of time.  With the easy ‘drag and drop’ feature, you can use the prompter as a second screen in which to place your Zoom window, script or presentation, so that you’re looking at both the camera and the screen. Eye contact is up there with the biggest issues we have in virtual events and remote working, but no more! If this isn’t on your list, you might as well opt out of Christmas altogether!

Click here to buy

Technology Auto Cue

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