Multi-Site Hybrid Conference, USA

Multi-Site Hybrid Conference, USA

The brief: –

Produce a 3 day conference for a global business with 400 delegates congregated at 6 different locations across the US in different time zones, plus another 50 delegates joining remotely.

Design a programme with keynote speakers (a mixture of both remote and in person at a satellite venue or HQ), interactive workshops, an awards ceremony, quiz, whiteboards and polling throughout.

Install and operate AV equipment at every venue to ensure that all presenters and delegates can communicate and have 2 way conversations with one another from any venue or home to any other venue or home.

How we achieved it: –

Within 3 weeks of being instructed on the event, we assembled crew and equipment at each geographic location from New York to Denver, Dallas and Washington. We helped to finalise the agenda, built quizzes and interactive content, produced video content such walk up stings and our designers worked on slide deck refinements.

We utilised vMix and Zoom with a 3 camera mix at HQ site and full AV set up with technician pair at each satellite venue to produce a fully hybrid, immersive experience across 3 action packed days of conference.

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