Breakout & Workshop Design

Breakout & Workshop Design

At Virtual Approval we believe that interactivity is key. Both our event clients and our breakout & workshop design clients approach us looking for ways to ensure the participant experience is maximised.

We have vast experience in creating virtual & hybrid workshops and know how to leverage the best tools and software to take your delegates on a journey and ensure you meet your session objective. Whether that be learning, team building, using practical skills, collaborating ideas, role play or simply having fun.

Our creative & technical solutions team, work with your facilitators in building and developing custom workshops and experiences incorporating:

  • Interactive whiteboards (such as Miro / Mural)
  • Polls
  • Word clouds
  • Quizzes
  • Virtual and f2F Board Games
  • Video Scenarios
  • Presentation design

We then provide expert technical facilitators to ensure you can focus on delivering content rather than ensuring breakout rooms, presentation sharing, technical support and other aspects are looked after.

We not only support breakout & workshop design for virtual use cases but also have extensive experience in supporting Hybrid and Live Workshops. With our custom Board game design and build, friendly and people centric producers and planning & venue sourcing services .

Ask us about how to make your event stand out and elevate the interactivity.

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